Why CBD?

So, people are asking, more and more, why do I believe in CBD?  Why now?

There are plenty of reasons.  

First, I've tried it and it has helped me.

In 2000 I was in a freak accident, run over by a guy driving one of those "beep-beep" transport trolleys through the Dallas airport.  Wild, right?

I had nine surgeries over 5 years at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, fabulous place, fantastic surgeons.  I couldn't have asked for a better slate of doctors, they are all top in their fields.

Unfortunately, getting older, and a slip down a hill at my neighbor's, I've started to get some pain.  Sucks, right?

Well, along comes CBD from a friend.  With about 50mg a day, and some ChiroCream, I really have relief!

Second, there is so much information out there now, particularly with the spreading legalization of marijuana, that I was able to do some research.

Of course, eliminate the wild claims, some are way out there, and look at the basics.  Try it for yourself or your pet.  It really is an all natural way to not use as many chemicals as we have become so dependent on, to relieve anxiety, sleeplessness or mild chronic pain.